The Canterbury Mudfish

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‘Ichthyo’ is Greek for fish and ‘niche’ is a French word for a place within the scheme of things. Ichthyo-niche (I-niche) is a partnership between Leanne K. O’Brien and Nicholas R. Dunn.

Our mission statement is:
· conduct research into New Zealand’s endemic freshwater fish fauna.
· communicate our findings to the wider public and promote the conservation of threatened fish species.

Species of endemic fish we are currently working with:
· Lowland longjaw galaxias (Galaxias cobitinis)
· Canterbury mudfish (Neochanna burrowsius)
· Gollum galaxias (Galaxias gollumoides)
· Canterbury galaxias (Galaxias vulgaris)

To contact us send an email to i_niche at xtra.co.nz
      (at = @ and remove the spaces).